I can explain… 

Okay, maybe not.

Tiny terror.

juuichi-da-bear asked: I'm surprised I wasn't following you here already, is this blog new? Btw, that's a lot of cool artists you're following ^^ (whoo, big bro's in there twice!)

My blog is new in that it used to be dormant. In the past I’d been relatively inactive with my Tumblr simply out of laziness, but I am changing that… I appreciate your interest in what I have to share!

Also, it’s great that you can identify artists I follow; I am strict regarding who I bother watching, haha..!

I’m sorry… it had to be done.~

: D 

A *little* gift for kihuotter

He’s extremely talented, to which you should go shower him with words of praise… I’m sure he’d appreciate money and gifts as well!

'  u  '

"What kind of work out do you do?"

Most days I do push-ups and various dumbbell exercises. Recently I’ve reacquainted myself with my personal gym equipment..! (I wimp out when it gets cold because it’s situated in my drafty garage…)

 I don’t do sit-ups [which would help], and I don’t diet outside of my normal eating habits. Supplements are a no-go as well - I like the satisfaction of progress that isn’t artificial!

When I’m not drawing buff things…

;  u  ;

tumblmutt asked: Where can I see more of your super awesome art?


I use several other sites, but my FA has the bulk of my works!

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Where you lead, my heart shall follow…

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