Painting practice… I’m a discrete car junkie too! x D


TAG, I’m it!!

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For auction winner Trahern Moo…

A tribute to one of my most coveted artistic inspirations..! ; u ;

nigiyakana said: AAHHHHH ,SENPAI FOLLOWED ME...;;;;;;;; THANK YOU SO MMUCHH!!,!,

I am not worthy of this title..! I am honored nonetheless! x D

Let’s try this again… ;    ;

You shall live on forever..! ’ u ‘



Big Dudes! Why do I lust for thee so?!

I see hawtcherry and zeeriously

Via BlazingWolf

theosos said: I love your art! like really, really, dig it!

I am honored! It’s individuals like yourself that make art worthwhile! ; u ;

djm-rexim said: I still think you should draw some naughty Crash Bandicoot art. ;9

I imprinted at an early age and found my soulmate… [insert generic bandicoot] x Dimage

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